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Top Customer Retention Strategies in 2021

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

It’s not simple to stay competitive in the digital age. Consumers are continually assaulted with sophisticated advertisements attempting to persuade them to switch to another company or service, and it just might work if you don’t have a solid client retention strategy in place. The good news is that if you’ve already persuaded a consumer to buy once, you’ve already completed the most difficult task.

What is Customer Retention?

Customer Retention is the process of preventing customers from defecting to a competitor or the activities taken by a firm to urge consumers to stay with them. Around 44 percent of businesses prioritize customer acquisition, 18 percent prioritize customer retention, and 40 percent prioritize both. Client retention, on the other hand, is far less expensive for businesses than customer acquisition.

So, if client retention is less expensive, why are so many businesses focusing on new customer acquisition? The simple answer is that every business requires both, and more new consumers mean more clients you can persuade to stick with your company and product or service.

Customer Retention Strategies that Every Business Should Know

Customer retention strategies that work best are built around business goals and insights. With strong brand awareness, you may want to convey that your service is constant and dependable.

Let’s take a look at eight client retention tactics that are proven to work and will help you improve your retention rates.

  1. Surprise Gifts & Discounts

Clients are individuals who appreciate being perceived. You might give them a markdown on things they purchase habitually, just as a brief and speedy letter from the client care staff clarifying why they are being astounded. The message should make it obvious that they are getting this rebate since they have been a faithful client for quite a while.

Another choice is to make a VIP list for your returning clients and send them discount codes. Clients will profit from this since they will get a markdown, will feel appreciated, and will feel like they are individuals from an exceptional club – which they are!

2. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Around 75% of businesses say they are customer-centric, yet just 30% of customers agree. According to a 2017 study, eight out of ten customers are so annoyed by this that they are willing to pay more for a better experience. Here are a few suggestions to help you improve your customer service:

  • Provide consistent service

  • Provide multiple channels of contact

  • Assign the right representative to the customer to avoid any dissatisfaction

  1. Customer Surveys

Send your customers an internet based study to finish up so you can get familiar with what's working and what isn't. You'll always be unable to satisfy each purchaser on each issue, yet overviews can assist you with spotting designs you may somehow or another neglect.

A decent study ought to have both different decision and free-text answer choices, permitting clients to communicate their thoughts all the more completely where important.

Be Active in your Community

Clients are keen on whether your organization gives to noble cause assuming laborers partake in local area administration ventures, and who you collaborate and band together with. There are simpler techniques to show you care about the local area without having an intricate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan or giving to good cause.

In the event that you're a tech organization, for instance, you may elect to go into a nearby school and give direction to the up and coming age of technologists. You may likewise compose sites concerning how to break into the area or record a short webcast about it.

Keep your Customers Informed

Cause customers to feel like they're a piece of your bigger group by keeping them informed with regards to new product offerings, new unions, or critical corporate accomplishments. You can do this by conveying a month to month email pamphlet.

Customer Onboarding

The objective of onboarding differs dependent on the business, yet it is to instruct a purchaser about your items and brand. At the point when a client buys one of your things, you might send them an email with a short guidance on the most proficient method to utilize it just as the contact data for your client care office, so they realize who to contact assuming they have any issues.

Use Gamification

Gamification is a pleasant method for compensating faithful buyers for assisting your business with succeeding, and it's a demonstrated procedure. You can give buyers a markdown for alluding a companion, reward them with redeemable focuses for every exchange, or give them an identification to show their appreciation.

Improve your Customer Experience by Personalization

Clients would rather not be dealt with like a number and rehashing a similar data over and will aggravate them. They will feel like a piece of your group and partner your firm with a smooth and simple experience assuming you give a customized insight.


Regardless of whether getting new clients is an indication of corporate development, losing customers is basically excessively expensive, with a lost client's normal worldwide worth of $243! Existing clients give you a preferred opportunity to develop incomes over possibilities since they are more disposed to purchase from you. To get this going, you really want to put resources into exhaustive statistical surveying done to adjust your business objectives to your client maintenance system for a productive and practical business eventually.

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