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Updated: Mar 8

Despite where you are in your at in your business development, the following 10 things can do to work on your essential preparation and execution.

Developing your group, making your strategic plan and building your way of life is all moving target. There is no "Eventual Outcome", but instead unlimited freedoms for development and advancement, and benchmark to measure accomplishment along the way.

Have you ever faced issue due to lack of preparations? Have you ever found yourself in the situation where things are not efficiently functioning ?

As your association develops both in size and in numbers and as your staff changes over and your initial priority advances, you and your group will be needed to change how you approach your technique and individuals improvement.

Regardless of where you are at in your strategic maturity, here are 10 things you can do to improve your strategic planning and execution:

  1. Talk to your employees. Get their perspectives on what's working and what's not working for them both within the organization and the leadership team.

  2. Check in to see if your team is living their values and how those match with the organizational values.

  3. Ask your managers what the vision of your organization is and how this compares with their own individual visions.

  4. Do an environmental scan: What will your industry look like in 5 to 10 years? What sort of trends are happening now that might affect, change, or shape the future of your sector?

  5. Does your mission statement accurately describe what you do as an organization?

  6. What are your top three strategic priorities for this quarter or year? Do your managers know what they are? Do they have different strategic priorities?

  7. Ask your team if they know what the KPIs are that support each priority area. Do they know which specific action items they (or their team) are accountable for?

  8. Ask your people if they know where they can review the strategic plan and the current progress of it.

  9. What are the current risks and uncertainties for your organization?

  10. Have a meeting to share the thoughts and feedback from all the above (or, quarterly strategic planning team meetings!)

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Author - Creative CEO ( Creative Consultant)


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